Your Path To Freedom

"Use your mind - don't let it use you."
Brooke Castillo

Are you ready to let go of old beliefs and habits acquired in childhood?
Do you want the fears and insecurities that have been holding you backto no longer play a role in your life?
Would you like to feel comfortable in your body and develop more self-love?

Would you like to finally be successful and achieve your goals, whether at work or at home?

You’ve tried so much and nothing really seems to get you anywhere.

It’s time to rediscover your true self-confident self and realise your full potential.

Your self-worth is key to living 

the life that you want.

I help you get from feeling stuck, 

anxious and disempowered 

to being in charge of your life again. 

The Power of Your Mind

It has been scientifically proven that our subconscious is the gateway to changing old behaviour and thought patterns. Your thoughts are the key to everything.

You create your emotions with your thoughts and these in turn control your actions.

So why don’t we just think positively and be happy?

In my opinion, the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important and all-important one in our lives. More than any other relationship we have.

However, this relationship is characterised by childhood experiences, conditioning and trauma.

In order to control fears, blockages and negative thoughts, we need to work on them step by step. Both on a subconscious level and on a conscious level.

This is my methodology:

On the one hand, we work on your subconscious issues with RTT. At the same time, you will learn how to change your thoughts and behaviour on a conscious level through weekly coaching.

My clients come directly from German-speaking countries or from all over the world, as I offer both face-to-face and online sessions.



Our entire demeanour, our charisma and our voice are controlled by our self-esteem. The influence this has on our career, relationships and everyday life is immense.

Your self-esteem defines what kind of partner you have at your side, how much money you earn per month and how you treat your body, to name but a few.

Inner contentment and acceptance or even love for your own body allows you to achieve more success in your job, have a healthy partnership or even a healthy physical perception of your body:

More self-esteem leads to a more confident appearance
You eat healthily and feel like exercising
Body language changes positively (shoulders back, head up, body tension)
Setting boundaries becomes easier. You can also say NO sometimes
You have more energy and more focus with regard to your goals
You experience how your entire environment appreciates you more
You gain more respect and recognition at work and ask for a pay rise


Body-Image and Nutrition

Weight control – Eating disorders – Addiction – Body image
Especially in the area of eating behaviour, disorders are often the result of past events.

All the beliefs that we carry within us originally had the task of protecting us and protecting us from pain.
We associate certain foods with a positive event, for example when we were comforted with mostly unhealthy foods (sweets) as a child;
We subconsciously create a body that makes us ‘unlovable’. This can be the result of being touched or even sexually harassed. This is how we think we can protect ourselves from further assaults. This can take the form of being overweight or underweight (becoming invisible).
These beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious and can be reprogrammed through RTT. You can develop a healthy relationship with food, sugar and other products again.

I help you to eat a balanced and healthy diet again. The aim is to achieve a body awareness in which you feel comfortable and realise your full potential.

Ways to Work With Me

The Self-Worth & Success Accelerator
3 Months Program

Online Program

During those life-changing 3 months you get to experience a transformation within you, which will not only eliminate the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been in your way, but you will also learn how to deal with challenging situations in the future. 

  • 1 x Intro Coaching Session to map out the transformation you are looking for 
  • 2 x Phenomenal RTT Sessions à 2-3 hours
  • 2 x Customized hypnosis recordings to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs and implement the positive ones for your individual needs
  • 12 x Cognitive coaching sessions to specifically adjust your mindset and thoughts on a conscious level (1 x per Week)
  • 24/7 Email support throughout the time and beyond
  • Final assessment success call 
  • Join our Facebook Support group Community for accountability
  • Access to the amazing online program ‘The Visionary Masterclass’ (value 222€) with lifelong access , workbook and a full hypnosis
  • Telegram Access for quick support questions

THIS powerful Step-by-Step Online Program gives you all the guidance you need to get started on pursuing your visions and the goals that you set for your SELF!

  • What are limiting beliefs? When and why did you create limiting beliefs?
  • Learn everything about the power of your subconscious mind & the rules of the mind;
  • Find out what is holding you back from reaching your goals;
  • How you reprogram your mind by given a structured step-by-step plan for your daily actions;
  • Full powerful Hypnosis for your Self-Worth and Success which is alone worth more than this program
  • Manifestation at its best!
  • You can have as many certificates and qualifications as you like.
  • They all mean nothing if you are not in alignment with your vision and your goals
  • Eliminate those Money Blocks!
  • How to change your money mindset & reprogram your brain to reach your goals and attract more abundance;